Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Christmas Kittens

 This is my newest completed project.  It is throw/sofa size quilt for Christmas time.  It has Christmas present blocks set alternately with squares of fabric that has kittens in Santa hats and Christmas stockings.  The backing fabric is beige with white snowflakes.  The machine quilting is also a snowflake design.

I sent this one off to be machine quilted at the Missouri Star Quilt Company.   I wish that the top and the backing had been stretched equally when they were quilting it.  The back of the quilt is nice and smooth, but the top is not smooth at all, really.  Basically the top side looks like I've washed it even though I haven't.  Under normal circumstances, that wouldn't be that a big of a deal. In this case, it is disappointing because I had wanted to be able to let my kids write their names on the present "tags" after it was quilted, but I'm afraid it will be too poofy for people to be able to write on it.  I know, I should have done that first, but if the top were as smooth as the backing it wouldn't have been a problem.  We've done it with quilts quilted at my local quilt shop before with no problem.  I guess you live and learn.

This is a close up of the label on the back.

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