Thursday, July 31, 2014

A New Book Bag

This is my latest project.  It is made with a "Color Me Happy" candy and yardage.  It is much like the purses I've made recently, but this one is designed to be a book bag.  It doesn't have the closure at the top and it doesn't have the d-ring to hook keys to.

It also has shorter handles and a slightly narrower bottom.  The narrower bottom was unintentional.  After I had cut out the pieces, I realized that I would need to cut the piece of fabric for the bottom of the bag in half.  Since the fabric is directional, if I hadn't cut it in half, it would have been upside down on one side or the other. 

Update: It is actually a birthday present for my youngest step-daughter, but I didn't want to say so until after I gave it to her.

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