Sunday, November 15, 2015

Last Two Moda blocks for 2015

These are the last two blocks we had to do for our Moda group quilt this year.  The one on the left is "dove in the window"  and the one on the right is an Art blocks.  The center of the Art block was supposed to be just solid background fabric, but some of the fabric I was using had small panels, set on point, which seemed perfect for the block.  I sorta looks like applique, which makes it a little different from the other blocks, but that's okay with me.

Now I need to figure out how I am going to lay out the top.  I'm sure I won't get it together before our final meeting on Wednesday, but I'm glad that I at least got the blocks finished.  I'm thinking that I will sash blocks with the background fabric, if I have enough of it, and put colored corner stones in between.  I'm considering using what is left of the fabric to make a pieced border.  I'm not sure yet because I'm not sure how much fabric I have or how much it would take to make it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Wonder Woman fleece

Since I didn't get to finish the quilt that I was planning to donate to the blanket drive at church (see previous post below), I bought some fleece and quickly made a fringed fleece blanket to donate.  That is what most people make for our church blanket drives anyway, so It's no big deal that I don't have a quilt, but since I'm a quilter I like to donate one if I can.  This year fleece will have to do, though.

Simply Gorjuss quilt top and pillowcase

The quilt top is 62-1/2 inches square and made from a layer cake, with a little yardage for the border. I finished it back on the 27th of last month, but I'm just getting around to posting it.  Things have been so crazy around here.  I was hoping to get this one finished by this weekend to donate to the blanket drive at church, but apparently that just wasn't in the cards.

Two weeks or so ago, I got the backing fabric cut, pressed, and ready to sew together.  I left it laying on the floor in my sewing room, so that it could be flat and not get creases in it from being folded.  Unfortunately, we got a lot of rain (Sunday night into Monday morning) and my sewing room flooded, which it had never done before.  So then I had a major mess to clean up including washing the fabric for the backing.

I got the mess mostly cleaned up (sewing room, laundry room, guest bedroom and bath) and then we got more heavy rain and flooding the following Sunday (day before yesterday).  Now I did have the good sense to not put the fabric back on the floor or anything else that I had already cleaned up, so there is much less to do now than last time.

I'm not really trying to get the sewing room put back together until we can find out why the water is getting in and stop it.  So this quilt top will just have to wait until another day and another blanket drive.  I hope normal sewing can resume soon, though.  It is depressing to not get to sew.

I did, however, make a matching pillowcase for the quilt, before all the flooding started.  It is made from extra backing, border, and binding fabric.