Thursday, April 27, 2017

Finding Mickey - 2016 Moda Quilt

Here is my finished Moda 2016 quilt.  I decided to call it "Finding Mickey" because Mickey Mouse is hiding in every row of the quilt.  It is pictured on my queen-size bed, but it is intended for a twin-size bed.  I finally finished the binding on it while I was waiting at the hospital for the birth of my first grandchild.  She was born a week ago, but I just got a day at home.  This quilt is a little more "boy-friendly" (I avoided using flower prints and pink) than my little granddaughter may want, but I also have a "girl-friendly" floral twin-size quilt that she can use if she prefers.

Friday, April 07, 2017

Moda Extra Project

I worked on this one Tuesday and Wednesday.  It is the extra project for our Moda class this month, Aneela Hoey's "Little Apples".  Well, technically it is a variation on our Moda extra project.  The original was larger (51" x 59-1/2"), used a whole layer cake, and didn't have a border.  I had half of a layer cake left over from a previous project and decided to use it (This one turned out to be 43" x 51-1/2").  I was planning to put the border on the whole time, but it really looked busy without it.  I think adding the border helped.  It isn't beautiful or anything, but I think it would make a good "dragging around blanket" as my dad call them.  Plus, since I wasn't going to do all the blocks for this month, I thought maybe I should at least do the extra project.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Moda quilt block for April

I really liked the way this block looked so I decided to make it.  It is the only one that I made of the 3 we were assigned this month.  I am not planning to make any more of the regular blocks for the quilt this year.  I just don't enjoy doing them.  I might try making one or two of them as larger blocks, but I just don't want to do any more toward making the original quilt.  I will figure out something to do with the blocks I have made already, but I am not going to slog through the whole quilt.  Hobbies are supposed to be fun, and for me, this quilt isn't.