Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Christmas Ornament

This year for our quilt guild Christmas party we are supposed to bring a handmade Christmas ornament to exchange.  I searched around on Pinterest and found this cute little Christmas tree ornament made out of yo-yos.  I searched through my Christmas fabrics and found several nice green fabrics to use, bought some jingle bells, beads, and ribbon, and put this little guy together in no time. 

I have a set of nesting biscuit cutters that worked really well for the different sized circles.  Five out of the seven yo-yos are from the biscuit cutter set.  I had to find a couple of bowls to make the larger circles because I wanted my tree to be a little taller.  It was really easy, quick and fun to make.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Grandmother Sewing Begins

My middle son is expecting his first child in April, and she will be my first grand-baby.  We just found out last week that the baby is going to be a girl, so I can start sewing for her.  I found a pattern on Pinterest for a burp cloth that used flannel and chenille fabrics.  When I went to the quilt shop I bought some chenille to try it out.  I think it turned out good, but I kinda wish the chenille was a little thicker/closer together.  Before I make any more, I am going to let the parents-to-be look at it and see if they like the feel of the fabrics.  They love dogs, so I'm sure the flannel print will be a hit.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Bear in the Mountains - finished!

Here is the finished quilt that I made for our priest who is leaving us early next month.  I machine quilted it, quilting in the ditch around the individual paw blocks and around the mountain blocks.  I also quilted down the center of each mountain block to keep within the quilting distance requirements.  And I quilted in the ditch along the border seam.  As you can probably tell, I added a hanging sleeve to the back so that he can hang it on the wall (but that is my wall, not his).

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Completed 2016 Moda top

Here is a picture of my finished top for our Moda class this year.  It makes a quilt for a twin sized bed.  I think it turned out fun and bright, just like I was hoping.  I am glad that it is finally finished. 

I don't know if I am going to do the Moda class next year or not.  The plan at the moment is to do the Gypsy Wife quilt.  I think it could be a neat quilt, but it also looks like a LOT of work.  With my first grand-baby scheduled to appear in early April, I'm not sure that I am willing to commit myself to that much work.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bear in the Mountains

This is my latest quilt design.  I designed it as a wall hanging to give to my priest who will soon be leaving our parish for a new call.  His nickname is "Bear," he is originally from eastern Tennessee, and he loves the mountains.  So I designed a quilt using bear paw blocks and delectable mountain blocks to give to him as a going away present. My original design didn't have the bear paw blocks in the corners.  It was just solid blocks of the background fabric.  But I accidentally didn't buy enough background fabric to cut blocks that size, so I came up with the idea to add the bear paws and I think I like it better that way.

I will be quilting it myself, and I haven't decided if I will machine quilt it or hand quilt it.  I need to get it quilted quickly, as his last day with us is December 4th, so machine quilting is the most likely outcome.

And as something of a happy accident, I think it has a somewhat Native American feel to it, and he is also part Cherokee Indian.  I hope he will like it.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Moda Row for October and finished quilt center

The final row for our Moda quilt this year was the Mosaic block row.  It has 10 blocks at 6 inches each.  It really wasn't that difficult to put together.  We were also supposed to join all of the rows together, with the spacer sashings, and add the first narrow border.  Next we have to make 4 pinwheel blocks for the corners, and add them along with the final borders.  It is almost done!  Hurray!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Two from One!

These two baby quilts are made from the same jellyroll - Grow! from Me and My Sister.  I came up with the plan for the bottom quilt first, but it was going to leave several strips left unused, even with planning to use some for the binding and some on the back.  I figured out that I would have 13 strips left over, which was the perfect amount to make top quilt (I've made one like the top quilt before).  I pulled out the strips that I wanted to use for the top quilt and actually made it first.  Then I used what was left to make the bottom quilt.  In fact, one strip is partially in the top quilt and partially in the bottom quilt.

I'm really happy with how both quilt tops turned out.  They look very different from each other.  I'm glad that I pulled out all the darker purples and didn't use any in the bottom quilt. I really like the pastel look of the bottom one and I think the dark purple would have detracted from that.