Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Story Book Star quilt

At our June meeting of Moda Friendship, the mini project that we were given was Story Book Star Quilt from Moda Bake Shop.  The "original recipe" has some mistakes in its cutting directions.  If you cut everything exactly like it says in the directions, it won't fit together right.  But Carol, the leader of our Moda group, gave us the corrections at the meeting so it wasn't too bad.  This is my finished quilt top. It measures 41 inches square. 

The charm pack that I used was not a Moda fabric.  It is a "Fresh" charm pack by Another Point of View for Windham fabrics.  The star points are Moda fabric.  It is from the Fleurologie collection by Stephanie Ryan.  The solid green border is also from Moda, a Bella solid.  I was amazed at how well the colors matches since they weren't from the same designer or even from the same fabric manufacturer.

I chose this charm pack because when I ordered it (from Missouri Star) it said that it had only 36 charm squares and the pattern only called for 36 charms.  However, once I opened it and started using it, I realized that it did actually have 42 charms, like a normal charm pack.  I think it looks really nice, and I guess it's no big deal to have some charms left over, but I picked it for this project because I thought I wouldn't have charms left over.  I guess now I need to come up with another little something to use the left over charms.

Even thought it is only a baby quilt, and I usually quilt those myself, I think I'm going to have this one long arm quilted.  It just seems to me that the large, white, open spaces (8-1/2 inch squares) need more fancy quilting than I feel comfortable doing on my home machine.

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