Tuesday, May 06, 2014

SOQS block contest entry

Again this year I decided to order a kit from the Sisters' Outdoor Quilt Show for their block contest.  You send them $10 and they send you 6 small pieces of fabric (one 10 inch square of read as solid, and five 6 inch squares of patterned fabric) that you then have to make a 9-1/2 inch (raw edge to raw edge) square block out of.  All the blocks that are entered are displayed at the quilt show in July.

I know I won't win, because the winning block is basically always appliqued and embellished.  But there needs to be losing blocks too.  The winner gets a monetary prize and some of the losing blocks to make a quilt.  The runners-up also get some of the other losing blocks.  So I think it will make a nice addition to one of the quilts made by the winner or runner up, if they chose to actually make one.  It is just fun to enter and be part of the show.  Even though I won't get to be at the show, at least my block will.

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