Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May block from Moda

These are my blocks from the directions we got at our last meeting of Moda Friendship.  Very simple and straight forward blocks.  Really the only choices were about which fabrics to use, except for the variable star block.  With the variable star, we were given the option of doing a star in a star.  I considered it, but decided against it.  I think it is a really neat idea, and I really like the effect when you use the background of the inner star as the star points for the outer star.  Like this.
But ultimately, I decided to go with the most basic star.  I thought that it would blend better with the other blocks and look better in the quilt as a whole, since they are all basic blocks. Plus, I'm really going for an old-fashioned country look in this quilt.

I would like to try the technique at some point, though.  I think it could make a really cute big block baby quilt.  I may try it if I have time before the next meeting.

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