Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last Week's Blocks

These are the rows for the row swap quilt I have to work on this month.  The theme for this one is "Harvest Home".  The black harvest print fabric is the focus fabric, and she asked that we include a house block as well.  She says that when she finishes it she plans to donate it to the veteran's hospital in Tuskegee, so she wants us to keep the blocks/row masculine.  I worked on the quilt last week, but I guess I forgot to post any pictures.  So here they are, better late than never.
These are the ones I've made so far.  I figured I would start the prerequisites.  I've got my house block, a block that uses the focus fabric (the Old Maid's Puzzle block), and of course, a pumpkin block.  As you can see, the pumpkin block uses the same pattern as one from my pumpkin patch quilt, but with a few different fabrics thrown in.  Now I have to decide which other blocks I'm going to make.  So far, no two blocks in the quilt use the same pattern, so I'm planning to maintain that pattern (or should I say non-pattern).  I'm thinking I will do a leaf block, and at least one more traditional patchwork block.  All the other rows have an applique block, so I sort of feel like I should do one, but I don't really enjoy doing applique that much, so I'm not sure yet about that.

I'm planning to working on more blocks today, so hopefully I'll have some more pictures up soon. 

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