Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Making a List

I did something yesterday that I'm not sure a quilter should ever do.  I made a UFO (UnFinished Objects) list.  I didn't actually look through everything and drag everything out, but I sat down and made a list of all the quilting projects I have in progress that aren't yet finished.  I knew I had several, but there were several more than I thought there were going to be.  As it turns out, I have 11 quilting project "in progress" at the moment (possibly more if I pulled everything out), six of which are completed quilt tops (obviously I've gotten a little lax on actually quilting).  This doesn't even include the things that I have bought fabric for, but haven't yet started work on.

I also made a list of 'quilting ideas'.  These are the things that I either have some or all of the fabric for, or things that I'm pretty sure I want to try making at some point.  That list is almost twice as long as my UFO list.  This list has 17 projects on it, and it doesn't include everything that I've at least made a sketch of in my graph paper notebook.  It's somewhat overwhelming. 

My reason for doing it was to try to help me get organized and have a better idea of what to be working on.  Also, I had been having several new quilting ideas lately and I didn't want to forget any of them.  So now I know that I need to buy some quilt batting and get something into my new quilting frame, but I'm still not sure what.  I've got so many choices that I still don't know what to do.  LOL!

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