Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2015 Moda Quilt Top

This is my Moda quilt top from our 2015 project.  We did the Vintage Quilt Revival book this year.  I did mine in the Piecemaker fabric line by Kathy Schmitz, which is all blues, browns, and creams.  I think it has a nice masculine look to it.  If I were doing it over again I would pick different fabric, though.  I wasn't paying attention to how much of the fabric was directional.  I'm a little OCD about keeping the direction right, so that made it less fun to work with.

I decided not to go exactly with any of the three layouts from the book.  One layout had the blocks simply sewn together in rows, no border, no nothing else.  The second layout had dark, narrow borders around each block and then light sashing and dark cornerstones to put the blocks together.  The last layout used setting squares and set the blocks on point.   I thought about doing the second layout from the book, but I didn't have enough background fabric to cut the sashings the width recommended in the book.

As you can see, I decided to go with a narrow sashing in the background fabric and no cornerstones.  I like it better than butting the blocks up to each other directly.  I think the individual blocks stand out a bit better this way.  I had a good bit of fabric left over from the fat quarter bundle I was using to make the blocks with, so I decided to cut them up into 5 inch squares and make a pieced border out of them.  I still have some left even after that.

It is now ready to take down to the quilt shoppe to be quilted.  Not sure when I will get the chance, though.  It may not be until after the holidays.

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