Thursday, June 12, 2014

Candy Coins

 I finally finished the pink coin quilt that I started many months ago.  It is machine pieced, machine quilted, and hand bound.  After quilting the other coin quilt that I made from the same jelly roll, I was hesitant to quilt this one in the way.  I had quilted in the ditch around all the coins, but did not sew through the sashing strips, and that made for a lot of starting and stopping.  Which in turn, made for a lot of thread ends to bury.  But I just couldn't decide on another way to quilt it that I thought I would be pleased with.  So finally I just gave in and quilted it just like the last one.  I figured that since we were going on a long car trip, it would give me something to do in the car, and it did.

On the way to Illinois, I finished burying the threads and started hand turning the binding.  On the trip from Illinois to New Jersey, I finished turning the binding.  I actually finished it while traveling on I-695 East around Baltimore, MD.  Watching traffic makes me nervous, so I like to have something else to focus on, but burying all those thread ends was still quite annoying.  If I ever do another one with this pattern, I might opt for a nice, all-over pantograph design instead.

I made and attached the label today.

Update: This quilt was given as a baptismal gift to a baby in my church.

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