Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dutchman's Puzzle Row

Here is a picture of my latest row swap row, with the other rows from the quilt.  Mine is the Dutchman's Puzzle row that is second from the bottom.  I finished it last night. I did decide to change the design slightly from what I had said in the previous post.  When I laid it out with all four fabrics in one block I thought it looked a little too busy.  Instead of going with light and dark pairs, I decided to go with the dark as a center pin wheel.  I like the alternation of color between the two blocks.  I think it looks nice.

Because it doesn't use the French General fabric, it stands out from the other rows, but I think that the colors work.  I think there are still 4 more rows to be made for the quilt, so if other people will branch out and use other fabrics too, I think it will look fine.  I hope she likes it.

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