Thursday, January 31, 2013

Block Contest

I decided to try something new the other day.  I ordered a fabric packet from the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show website, so that I can enter their quilt block contest.  I was a little surprised when I got the fabric packet in the mail.  There was one 10 inch square of fabric and four 6 inch squares of fabric.  I had figured they would all be the same size.  I ordered the blue color-way packet and was a bit surprised by the square of fabric that was not blue.  On the website, it looked orange to me, but it was more of a rusty brown color.  I had to change up my block idea a little bit because of these "surprises", but it was no big deal.  I've started working on my block, and I'm actually pretty happy with it so far.  When I get it all finished I'll post a picture of it.

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