Friday, August 24, 2012

Creeper Pillow

This is the first in a series of pillows that I plan to make.  If you are familiar with the computer video game Minecraft, I'm sure you will recognize the iconic Creeper face.  I also plan to make a Zombie face and a Skeleton face pillow to complete the set.  The graphics of the game are intentionally highly pixelated, so it translates very well to quilting/sewing.

The pillow is 14 inches square.  The face itself is a 12 inch square and a 1 inch border, of the pillow's back fabric, was added all the way around the face.

So far the Creeper pillow has been a big hit with my three sons.  But I must confess, the pillows were actually my idea.  All those pixels were just begging to become a quilt square.

This is a picture of the creeper face it is based on in case you aren't familiar with the game.

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