Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shooflies in the Snow

This is a baby quilt that I made for an old friend of mine from high school who just had a baby right before Christmas. I designed the pattern myself. I started with a snowball block then added cornerstones and sashings around the squares. This made a secondary pattern of shooflies emerge from the intersection of the blocks with the sashings. I decided that I had to complete the shooflies around the edges so I added a narrow pieced border, and then I added a 4 inch border all the way around in the same fabric as the centers of the snowball blocks. The snowball blocks are 6 inches square, finished, and the sashing is 2 inches wide, finished. The final quilt is 38 inches square.

It is machine pieced and hand quilted. The snowballs and sashes are outline quilted a quarter of an inch from the seams. And I quilted a sun motif in the center of each snowball block and quilted the border in straight lines two inches from the edge of the quilt.

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