Saturday, September 24, 2016

Two from One!

These two baby quilts are made from the same jellyroll - Grow! from Me and My Sister.  I came up with the plan for the bottom quilt first, but it was going to leave several strips left unused, even with planning to use some for the binding and some on the back.  I figured out that I would have 13 strips left over, which was the perfect amount to make top quilt (I've made one like the top quilt before).  I pulled out the strips that I wanted to use for the top quilt and actually made it first.  Then I used what was left to make the bottom quilt.  In fact, one strip is partially in the top quilt and partially in the bottom quilt.

I'm really happy with how both quilt tops turned out.  They look very different from each other.  I'm glad that I pulled out all the darker purples and didn't use any in the bottom quilt. I really like the pastel look of the bottom one and I think the dark purple would have detracted from that.

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