Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Improved (?) Cascade quilt top

A few months ago I made this quilt top, without the borders.  The more I looked at it, the more I felt like it needed borders.  Plus, I realized that if I added borders to it, it could be big enough to fit a twin sized bed. 

I had not originally ordered enough fabric to make borders, so I had to order more fabric.  I used Kona snow for the small (1-inch) inner border and I used the fabric that I had originally gotten for the backing for the larger (6-inch), outer border.  I'm glad that I put the borders on it, because I think it makes for a more usable size. 

It's still not my favorite quilt that I've made, but it's okay.  I feel like it is just a little too busy.  The center of the quilt is busy, and the outer border is busy fabric.  There is only the really small, inner border to add any calmness to the quilt, and I don't think it is quite enough for my liking.  It actually looks better, to me, on the bed than it did when I had it spread out on the floor of my sewing room.

At this size, I'm definitely planning to have it quilted.  Not sure what pattern yet.  Probably an off-white thread or maybe a soft blue variegated.

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