Thursday, October 13, 2011

Charity Quilt

I just finished this one today. The blocks are printed pillow panels and the sashing is 4 inch strips of a coordinating fabric. The cornerstones are cut from the border strips on the edges of the pillow panel fabric. It's finished size is 44 x 64 inches.

It was done completely on the machine, which is extremely unusual for me. The machine that I have has a walking foot, but it doesn't work very well, so I seldom use it. However, the blankets are due this Sunday and I really wanted to make a quilt to donate. I knew that I didn't have time to hand quilt it and I was afraid that I wouldn't have time to hand turn the binding, so I just did it all by machine. It will be donated to the child advocacy center along with the fleece blankets featured in the post below.

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