Monday, March 20, 2006

Colorful Spring Snow

In the spring, the world is new
Life bounds forth everywhere.
The white snows of wintertime disappear
Happiness fills the air.

The grays of winter pass away.
Colors are all around.
A light dusting of spring’s own snow
Flutters down to the ground.

Unlike winter’s ice crystals
This snow represents life.
Even the yellow pine pollen
That gives our noses strife.

Azalea bushes fill with buds
The flowers soon burst through.
Their blooms of pink and red and white
Fill my heart with hope anew.

Wisteria vines climb the tall pine trees
Evergreens now have color.
The waves of pale lavender blooms
Release their own sweet odor.

Fruit trees put forth their blooms too
A promise of things to come.
The fruits of summer all begin here
An apple, a peach, or plum.

Flowers bloom and petals fall
What a colorful snow!
God gives his beauty to the Earth
For all the world to know.

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